FREE House Plans

Free “expendable” small house plans

The basic unit is a 12ft x 12ft two story little house with kitchen(72 sq ft), one bedroom (144 sq ft), staircase and veranda. the idea is to have a separate bathroom/toilet unit behind the house. (this is custom in warm climates).

  • living-room 144 sq ft
  • bedroom 144 sq ft
  • kitchen 72 sq ft
  • staircase 18 sq ft
  • veranda 72 sq ft

option 1 : one bedroom = 450 sq ft

option 2: plus second bedroom 80 sq ft = 530 sq ft

option 3: plus third bedroom 115 sq ft  = 645 sq ft

free house plans

there are 3 different models  of this house:

  1. one bedroom (432 sq ft) + veranda 72 sq ft
  2. two bedroom (512 sq ft) + veranda 72 sq ft
  3. tree bedroom (627 sq ft) +veranda 72 sq ft

the design idea behind this small house is based on the living-space that people in warm climates are used to.


The cost of building  a small house like this in Nicaragua are more or less (depending on fixings) $ 8,- per square feet for the basics:  including concrete floor, 2 doors, 8 windows, sink roof, wooden second floor, stairs, concrete beams and bricks (CEB)

Example, for a two bedroom two story house with a living space of 584 sq ft the cost of building will be $ 4.664 (this dos not include paint, electrical, plumbing and labor)

labor cost are more or less one third of building materials, lets say $ 1.500 for plumbing, electrical and rest 10% = $ 466,40

so to have a house completed it will take +- $ 6.630

free house plans


the second bedroom can also be added to use as an living-room extension.


download the PDF file here (file size 432 kb)


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