about us

we are Eddy Solano (from Nicaragua) and Patrick Steijn (from the Netherlands), the goal of this page is to explore  the possibility to construct strong, cheap and beautiful houses for the people in Rama Nicaragua.



with this page we are hoping that we find the means to make and develop our own Cinva Ram to help a lot of poor people in and around Rama Nicaragua. on the our plan page (los planes) you can read what our plans are and how we think to accomplish our goals.  further down this page there is also a lot more background information, so we hope that you keep on reading and enjoy….

a little background information about Eddy and Patrick

we are two brother in laws  Patrick is married to Nancy the sister of  Eddy we do a lot of things together because Patrick is the director of a project for children in Rama Nicaragua (fundacion maipita) during the construction of the comedor infantil eddy was working as a brick layer and later help t patrick with  a lot of possible things that still needed to be done, also around the house we fix a lot of things for example we build a bathroom, outdoor cooking space,  garage, bedroom  and so on.  we also like to make our own furniture see some photo’s of our work below


patrick relaxing after work on the chicken coop


a chair Eddy and Patrick made


the rietveld bank that we made


the outdoor cooking space for Cristina


patrick painting the outside of the smurf house


eddy fixing the iron post of the future bedroom


some experiment with mud/cement paint (holding good even after rain)


helping wilfredo making a chicken coop in the jungle to protect the chickens from preditors

comedor infantil Maipita, the building was designed by Patrick Steijn who als helpt building

comedor infantil Maipita, the building was designed by Patrick Steijn who also helpt building

since we have internet in the house we are looking ways to construct in  ecological ways with natural materials  and also find ways to reduce building cost, there are a lot of people  in and around  Rama that dont have the means to construct their house of proper and strong materials.

the people here in Nicaragua think that all that is concrete is the best to build their houses and don t think that other material are as good, so they dont even look any further, in some parts of the country they build their houses from adobe with sun baked roof tiles,  whit wood becoming rapidly more expensive  and the  lack of understanding and trust of building with the earth the people see no other way than to build in cement blocks. and when they dont have the money to buy cement blocks they construct their houses of plastic and old sink.

these cement blocks are more expensive then CEBs would be. if you live a long way out in the jungle you can not transport the cement blocks to your land because there are no roads out there. there for the people who live where there are no roads are forced to build with wood, bamboo, palm-leafs and plastic witch are not good material in the rainy-season, when there is an earthquake or with strong winds and hurricanes.

The idea of building houses with the CEBs would work very good under these circumstances, if you build the houses with bamboo reinforced CEBs the cost would be much cheaper and the transport of materials a lot less complicated, the houses would gain great strength and stability by the use of bamboo inside the cavities of the CEBs (this is one of the aspects that we want to test)

see these  examples  of  self-made bamboo houses


bamboo house of José

jose fixing his roof made of palmleafs

jose fixing his roof made of palmleafs

house of wilfredo

house of 72 year old wilfredo



  1. Am trying to do something like this is in Uganda. I am looking for manuals and information on building with CEBs, can you help ?
    Good work in Nicaragua!


    • hello mister Godfrey,

      on our website there is a link on the right side in the blue box to download drawings in PDF file. (ceta ram.pdf)

      hope they are of some help to you, good luck.

      take care.

  2. Casarama,
    I am an architect working for the organization ODESAR in Matagalpa. One of our major projects involves constructing basic houses for the region’s most impoverished and I am currently doing some research on CEBs in Nicaragua with the goal of bringing this construction method here to Matagalpa. I was wondering if I might be able to visit, take pictures of your work and see your method? I am planning on traveling around Managua and the San Juan del Sur region between Feb. 26- March 5.
    Thank you very much for your time. Keep up the good work!
    Erika Benson
    ODESAR – Project Architect

    • Hello Erika,

      I send you a email.


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